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 As of April 1st 2024 over 37,000 food boxes have been given to families, during my first six trips.  Each box feeds a family for two weeks, for the cost of $7.00 each.  We are buying and assembling these boxes in Kyiv & Kharkov Ukraine, then delivering them to small towns that have been bombed and destroyed during Russian occupation.  

(Update February 2024 ).  Well over 18,000 people have given their hearts to Jesus. I will be in May, June and July with the hope of reaching 10,000 more people with food boxes, blankets, medical supplies and other necessities. The food and supplies are a bridge to share the message of God's Love through a relationship with Jesus.

Loren was able to bring hundreds of vials of insulin to a hospitals in Ukraine.

 The vials cost $24.00 each.

There is a only small supply of insulin available in the country.

In every town that we distribute food and medical supplies, we share that a personal relationship with Jesus will bring them peace, hope and a future for those who believe in our Lord.

How are we accomplishing the logistics of reaching these towns, near the front lines of the war?  

I am working with an established, evangelical church "New Generation" They are literally the hands and feet of this operation. In 11 months, close to a 18,000 people gave their heart to the Lord!


Above photo and video right Outreach in the town of Makarov. There were many battles fought in this town. Hundreds of homes destroyed.  They are still without power.

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Below Video - Reunion of over 3,000 people who were saved out of their additions over the past 20 years at New Generation Church.  This was last November, three months before the war. 

These awesome people drive me around, interpret for me, and help make and distribute food boxes. 

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