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Memorials on the Sidewalk In front of the Russian embassy in Warsaw, Poland - Over 3 million Ukrainians relocated to Poland. The fence is displaying pictures of people killed in the war. It is located on many sections of fence erected in front of the building Stalin built during Russian occupation.

Upper Left - These apartment buildings were intentionally struck by rockets.  There are no military targets near them.

Left - Russian armored personnel carrier.   I started my trip two hours North of the capitol Kyiv.  After an outreach in a border farming village we traveled through cities were the battles were fought for days and weeks at a time.  The Russian forces fought south to within 14 km of Kyiv.  At that point the Ukrainians were finally able to defeat them and drive them all the way back into Belarus and Russia.

I passed under three major bridges that were knocked out on my back to Kyiv.

One day eveything is great.  Life is good.  Then something like this happens to 40 million people unexpectedly.

I know this all seems overwhelming.  I know that your thinking what difference can I make.  But our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ said if we even offer someone a drink of water, who is in need, it is like we did it to HIM.  Anything helps!  Everything is appreciated, and it all matters in eternity.

Over 100 hospitals have been bombed.  200 plus schools were shelled and continue to be shelled on June 1st 2022

Above Left - Destroyed Russian Tank  -  Above right - millions on woman and children flee the war zone.  Railway station

Right - Walls with pictures of the thousands of soldiers that have been killed in the war to date June 10th. 2022


Why should we care?  Democracy and freedom is being taken away and will continue to spread West if they are not stopped.  Tens of thousands of innocent people have died and will continue to perish. 

We should care because, we can be the hands and feet of out Lord.  I might not be fighting in physical battle, but with your help we are fighting a good fight of feeding the displaced, encouraging the hurting, and bring hope to a nation in a fight for their lives. 

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