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Sanctuary Relief is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, founded by Loren Kennedy, 30 years ago, for overseas, mission's work. Loren is an experienced missionary, who has answered the call to care for refugees, in war torn countries. 

Loren and his family lived and worked , for nine years, in the Ivory Coast, in West Africa. 

The work in Ukraine has already begun.  Loren is working in cooperation with John Mcgovern.  John has over 40 years of overseas missions work experience.  Loren, John and other volunteers, are currently working to buy and ship the most needed supplies into Eastern Ukraine. 

Loren, John and our organizations are 100% volunteer operated.  All funds donated is being used for the well being of the neediest Ukrainian refugees.

Above- Loren is handing out hundreds of food boxes to villages that were occupied by Russian soldiers.  The Russian army stole farm equipment, and destroyed most of their personal belongings, during their occupation.

This scene is in a town North of Kyiv, near the Belarus border, where the invasion began on February 28th 2022

Above Video - Our hands and feet (the logistics) of this outreach, Ukrainian churches are distributing the food & other essential needed items, to the displaced peoples of Ukraine.

Below - Our work in West africa 1992 - 2001 

The founder, Loren Kennedy, is an experienced missionary who has answered the call to care for those in need throughout his life.  He, his wife Jeri, and their six kids lived in the Ivory Coast for 9 years.


During their time in West Africa, they worked in the Ivory Coast and war-torn Sierra Leone and Liberia. They worked to help Liberian and Sierra Leone refugees in a multitude of ways.


They drilled wells, built buildings, and started micro-businesses. 

They brought over a team to build a large school for orphans and started farms. They also brought medical teams, to support the refugees of the war.  During his time there, Loren flew into Sierra Leone regularly,

to work in the war-wounded camps.

Through his time serving those in Sierra Leone, he met many amazing people, heard some heartbreaking stories, and witnessed some truly remarkable and resilient people, overcome many obstacles.

Loren feels that these past experiences have equipped

him for the work he is doing in Ukraine.  

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