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Providing a place of safety and refuge for Ukrainian refugees.

Watch VIDEO BELOW- Why we are in Ukraine & What we are doing in ukraine.

Providing a place of safety and refuge for Ukrainian refugees.

Why are we in Ukraine?   What are we doing to help?

In May of 2022, Loren Kennedy, the founder of Sanctuary Relief,
travelled to Eastern Ukraine to see how he could help. After travelling across the country, distributing food, and praying with the Ukrainian people, he returned to his home in Franklin, North Carolina.


This first trip inspired him to
raise more funds to help feed thousands of more people with hand delivered food boxes and to purchase desperately needed medical supplies.  He will return for his seventh trip in May 26th 2024 for 3 months.  We have been on the ground for eleven of the first 23 months of this brutal war.  

37,000 Food Boxes have been distributed.

Insulin, propane heaters, clothes, shoes, books, Bibles and personal hygiene products have been distributed to thousands of people who have been displaced from their homes. 


Contact Us: 904-755-2145
Find us on Facebook / You Tube Channel


If you'd Like Loren to come and speak to your church, business, reach out to us and we'll find a time that works. 

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